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Welcome, honorable guests!

Welcome to this humble mansion!
May I introduce myself?
I am this comms butler, Sebastian Michaels. slave would be the correct label, wouldn't it?
Mistress ahega is presenting you today's menu. We hope it pleases you.

The preparations have been completed, and today's menu is Tuna Sala- Oi! That's the wrong list  =__= that's what you've to arrange for ME!
*coughs* I'm terribly sorry! Today's menu is:

Ghost Heart by Honey Canon/Takamiya Haruya
Paring: Gin/Kira
Rating: G
Pages: 16
Alternative download sources: Mediafire , Sendspace

Please enjoy at your leisure!
*looks at the watch*
I shall take my leave now.

There's not much time left for young Mistress' preparations  You can spare the "young" -___-''

*mumbles* complaining to a demon about being old?! WHAT?! I can hear you, you know ...

*claps* I'll do the finishing touches now, so please wait a little while. Yeah~ till next Friday, when the scanlation will be uploaded!! YAY!

Sebastiaaaaan~ leave out the Tuna Salad! I'll straight go to the dessert! *____*
Tags: bleach, ghost heart, gin/kira, raw
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Thank you so much for sharing this~ ushishihsi
Prince Bell is so pleased
My crown becomes more shiny because of you