Kyon (kyonsmith) wrote in yamamamamoto,

Oh my god.

Why do fans make things like this?

He and His Cat by Yanazuki Minato
Pairing: Koizumi/Kyon (Oi, wait, why is he seme?)
Rating: PG-13
Pages: 62
Alternative download sources: Sendspace

No, seriously. Not only is it about Koizumi and me being together, there are also cat versions of us running around and in the end they -- no. I'm not saying it. It's too horrible. Where's the other Kyon from the other day? What are your thoughts about this? Because I don't have the words to describe this atrocity.

I wonder what I'd do if I really found a kitten like that, though. I would definitely not keep it. Maybe.
Tags: he and his cat, koizumi/kyon, raw, the melancholy of suzumiya haruhi
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