Rimon (rimon) wrote in yamamamamoto,

Boot Camp * Hurray! [Raw]

Time for some Prince of Tennis! :D Yaaaaay Rikkai. They all look so happy.

Boot Camp * Hurray! by Dokuro-Dan/Hanta * Tama
Pairing: Gen
Rating: G?
Pages: 50
Alternative download sources: MediaFire

You can help by reuploading the doujin to more alternative sources (sendspace, rapidshare, etc) and including the link in your comment. Thanks! ♥
Tags: boot camp * hurray!, gen, prince of tennis, raw
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I'll be downloading this :) I love Dokurodan, so thanks for scanning!
Thanks! I'm not very savvy about circles, but when I saw this doujinshi's cover I just had to take a look. XD Then I saw the inside and I had to buy it.
Thank you! ^_^
You're welcome! :)
thank you so much!^^
Glad to assist. ;D
thanx for sharing! ^__________^
No problem!
I'm no Rikkai fan, but I'll take a look. Thank you.
:) Enjoy.

Deleted comment

You're welcome! Glad people are still enjoying them after all this time! :)