Yuuichirou Tajima (batsfourth) wrote in yamamamamoto,
Yuuichirou Tajima


Tajima here! I'm Nishiura's clean-up batter, genmitsu ni!

And oops! Sorry everyone, I dropped the ball!
You see, everyone on the team's was talking on and on and on and on about the whole 'post stuff on Friday' gig, and sure, I guess I was listening kind-of-sort-of. (Like in English, you know? In one ear out the other? Or any subject really...) Okay, maybe I was thinking a little bit about something else... or a lot about something else...

But anyway, it turns out that by the time I find out I'm supposed to be the guy introducing himself and the release, whoa! IT'S SATURDAY. Imagine that! It's really all Hanai's fault (If I blame Abe for forgetting to remind me I think he'll jump me for it! Didn't just say that.) for not trying harder to interrupt me when he called and I was, y'know, being normal and masturbating in my room. I mean, I said that I'd be done in a minute, but instead he got all weird and embarrassed and hung up on me. Sheesh! He's such a prude! Acts like he's never done it before. (Maybe he hasn't? :O)

But right, right.
Here's the English release (With Abe and Mihashi, haha!), and I hope you enjoy it, even if it is a bit late!


Smile, Please! by FreakOut // Sam 
Fandom: Ookiku Furikabutte
Pairing: AbeMiha
Pages: 32 (all-inclusive)
Rating: G
Alternative Download Sources: 4Shared, MegaUpload, Sharebee

I'd better get going before Momokan gets to practice!
Definitely don't wanna be late! (Let me know if you see her coming up behind me all angry-like, will you?)
See yaaaaaa~

Tags: abe/mihashi, ookiku furikabutte, scanlation, smile please!
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