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I-is it really okay if I p-post?

U-um... S-s-s-sorry for not updating recently. It was m-my turn to post and I was afraid to. We've been working hard behind the scenes -- We-- we scanned all of the doujins -- A-a-and we have t-two new staff members! P-please welcome drug_holic, the new translator, and shouri_a9, the new editor. Shouri is the one who e-edited this douijn. D-do I have to keep talking...? ...okay... We're still l-looking for more editors a-and translators, so i-i-if you want t-to help us out you should contact rimon by IM or e-mail... I think. Yeah... Y-you can f-find it in her LJ profile.

A-a-any--anyway, there's this doujinshi about A--Abe and me... I thought it was kinda... n-nice.

Smile, Please! by FreakOut//SAM
Pairing: Abe/Mihashi
Rating: PG... p-probably. M-maybe just a G.
Pages: 32
Alternative download sources: SendSpace, Mediafire

((OOC: PSST. Any Abes out there? ))
Tags: abe/mihashi, ookiku furikabutte, raw, smile please!
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